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Artist Bio

About Sally Struszkowski

I am based in the East Midlands of the UK. My artwork is produced using pen and ink and watercolour. I draw rough outlines in pencil and then go over them in ink. I then add the colour. A lot of my backgrounds are watercolour splattered with a toothbrush! The detail comes last as I build up texture and shadows with individual dots, the personality of the subject slowly emerging. My subjects have usually been animals and birds, but now I include trees and people. I like to represent the subject in a realistic, but fresh, sometimes fun, and dramatic way. I have always loved nature and it has always been a significant element in my pictures. A walk in the countryside and spotting different birds and animals has been a favourite pastime since childhood and provides my inspiration. I get great satisfaction in capturing the character of my subjects.

A Raven Named Raymond
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