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Pet Portraits

I have been drawing Pet Portraits for many years. I love animals and really enjoy capturing their characters in my pictures. I use pen and ink and sometimes add watercolour. If you would like to commission a portrait of your pet please contact me by email. Prices are at the bottom of the page.

Nutmeg and Ruby

Below are two examples of my pet portraits and the original photographs that were used.

Commission Prices

  1. Black and White                         *A5     Unframed  £50    **Framed £80

  2. Black and White                         *A4     Unframed £75     **Framed £115

  3. Black and White                         *A3     Unframed £100     **Framed £150

  4. Black Ink with Watercolour        *A4     Unframed £95     **Framed £135

  5. Black Ink with Watercolour        *A3     Unframed £120     **Framed £170

*Please note that the sizes above are the size of paper used. The approximate sizes of the actual pictures will be

A5 11cm x 16cm,      A4 16cm x 24cm,      A3 24cm x 35cm.​

**The frames supplied will be bespoke to fit the exact size of the image. Black frame with a double mount and perspex glazing.

Please contact me for delivery prices.

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